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The Kingdom of Lesotho is a country located in the Maloti Mountains in South Africa, where you can find the highest mountain peaks. This gem hidden in the highlands is a heaven for trekkers and non-trekkers. Upon your arrival in the country, the city of Maseru will welcome you with a perfect balance of greenery


Things to do and see - Lesotho

Explore ancient rock art in a historic cave setting
Liphofung Cave
Take in breathtaking views from a mountain pass
Mafika Lisiu Pass View Point
Discover the rich cultural heritage of Lesotho
Morija Museum
Visit unique cave dwellings carved into sandstone cliffs
Kome Caves
Marvel at the engineering feat and scenic reservoir
Katse Dam
Witness the stunning beauty of one of Africa's highest waterfalls
Maletsunyane Falls

FAQ - Lesotho

What are the sporting activities that tourists can do in Lesotho?
What types of foods are eaten in Lesotho?
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