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Libya is a North African country full of extraordinary places to visit, starting with its sumptuous deserts and historical monuments.
Tripoli is one of the first places to see. It is an absolute winding labyrinth of alleys combining the warmth and beautiful colors of the Mediterranean. On every street corner, there are vendors, tea rooms, and the great Assaraya al-Hamra that weaves through the medina's narrow streets. Then the Leptis Magna is an imposing ancient site that highlights a vast theater, arches dedicated to Septimius Severus, fortification walls, primitive basilicas of the Roman era, and the ruined market. The city of Benghazi in Libya is a place that reveals elegant whitewashed mansions and also allows you to spend a pleasant time on the Lungomare on the Med corniche, the old Latin lighthouse, and the picturesque Maydan al-La Shajara Square. Cyrene is what is known as a legendary patchwork of temples and ancient houses in eastern Libya. It is also one of the most prominent relics left by the Greeks, and it is possible to visit the sanctuaries of Demeter, the necropolis, and the venerated sanctuary of Apollo. Ghadamès is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is nestled in the Sahara sand dunes and invites visitors to a pleasant exploration on its peppery roads and beautiful shaded terraces. In Ghat, a sizeable mud-brick castle allows tourists to marvel. In Tobruk, visitors will learn about the many tales of Greek, Roman, and Berber history. Misrata is the country's largest city and one of the leading commercial ports in North Africa. In the heart of the Saharan desert is the Waw a Namus, a large extinct volcanic cone that houses a lake in its center and makes locals and tourists pale with wonder. Nevertheless, there, travelers can enjoy the sunny beaches that merge with the Saharan dunes to the east and west, the great mosques, and the multicultural network of architecture. It is a site not to be missed, among others, such as the Waddan, the Sabha, or the Msallata.
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