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Tripoli is one of the first places to see. It is an absolute winding labyrinth of alleys combining the warmth and beautiful colors of the Mediterranean. On every street corner, there are vendors, tea rooms, and the great Assaraya al-Hamra that weaves through the medina's narrow streets. Then the Leptis Magna is an imposing ancient


Things to do and see - Libya

Visit a well-preserved ancient Roman city with impressive ruins
Leptis Magna
Go to an ancient Roman city known for its well-preserved amphitheater
Enter a historical castle, a major landmark on the waterfront of Tripoli
Tripoli Castle
See ancient oasis town with unique mud-brick, known as "Pearl of the Desert"
Experience the vast Sahara Desert with its mesmerizing sand dunes
Tadrart Acacus
Journey to a remote volcanic field with its unique crater and black sand dunes
Waw an Namus
Venture to an ancient Greek city and archaeological site with well-preserved ruins
See a historical town with Ottoman-era buildings and traditional markets
Benghazi Old Town
Travel to an ancient Berber town with houses carved into the mountainside
Tour to a town located in the heart of the Libyan Desert

Festivals - Libya

FAQ - Libya

Is it true that Libya is over 90% desert?
Is it true that Libya is home to 5 UNESCO sites?
What’s the highest mountain in Libya?

- Libya

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