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Discover Lille, a city that is dynamic, warm and popular.
Located in the Hauts de France, discover Lille, the capital of French Flanders. Old Lille, a very lively district, offers you a journey through time through the rue des Arts and the place aux Oignons. Populated by ancient buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, the city is home to the cathedral of Notre Dame de la Treille as well as numerous churches and chapels. Visit the Natural History Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Citadel, magnificent buildings in the neoclassical style. Stroll through Masséna and Solférino streets populated with bars and nightclubs, for a festive evening. The belfry of the town hall overlooking the city offers a breathtaking view of the Porte de Paris, a magnificent Arc de Triomphe. In the center of the Grand-Place sits the goddess accompanied by three other statues representing the Belgian provinces. Head to the trendy Jean-Baptiste-Lebas district for a relaxed atmosphere. The Old Stock Exchange, with its Flemish Renaissance mansions, now hosts booksellers opposite the Théâtre du Nord. In the popular district Wazemmes are organized many markets and festivals including the International Soup Festival. Located in place of the theater, the classical-style opera house offers lyrical performances. For a break in green spaces we find the gardens of plants, crops and the urban natural park. Once a year you can attend the city's carnival with its parade of giants and people wearing all kinds of disguises.

FAQs for Lille

  • Why is Lille the capital of Flanders?
    Lille is considered the capital of Flanders, as it was Flemish many times before becoming French. It was then the most significant city in the County of Flanders, including northern France and western Belgium. Today, Lille is the capital of French Flanders.

  • What are the major events in Lille?
    Lille's major events include the Grand Braderie, European Heritage Day and the Mania Series festival.

Things to do and see in Lille

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