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Frenzied and bustling city, Lima, the capital of Peru, is bursting with life. A city reflecting the times in which it is located, young and dynamic. The Barranco district is the most complete proof of this, a most pleasant place to walk during the day. You can pass through the flower-filled parks and then visit the La Ermita church which has retained its charm of yesteryear. Then, after crossing the Bridge of Sighs, you can admire the ocean from the watchtower. When evening comes, the place comes alive with outdoor concerts and dance lessons. “The city of kings” as it is called has a historic center of absolute wealth. Many of its must-see monuments can be found there: the Larco Museum, for example, offers to retrace 3000 years of the history of ancient Peru. Another important cultural center is the Museum of Peru's Gold and Weapons of the World, where antique silverware, fabrics and ceramics are displayed. This city has an architectural heritage that stretches from the colonial era to the 20th century, a specificity which has earned it a UNESCO World Heritage classification.
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FAQs for Lima

  • How many languages are spoken in Lima?
    Three official languages are spoken in Lima: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.

  • Where does the name Lima come from?
    Lima was the name of the valley where the city grew.

Things to do and see in Lima

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