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Lofoten Islands

The activities start strong in the Lofoten Islands with the Festvagtind Hike. Adventurers can expect a breathtaking ascent to the summit at almost 500 meters. This hike begins close to the village of Henningsvaer and promises a panoramic view at the very top. By the way, it is in this charming village that travelers will


Things to do and see - Lofoten Islands

Experience a majestic Arctic fjord and observe white-tailed eagles
Travel back in time and experience the Viking Age in a historical museum
Lofotr Viking Museum
Take one of the most popular hikes on Lofoten and enjoy the views
Unwind on white sands and take in breathtaking landscapes
Haukland Beach
Embark on an easy hour’s walk to reach an isolated bay
Kvalvika Beach
Camp at a famous camping site to see the northern lights
Uttakleiv Beach
Stroll along a golden-sand beach with intricate patterns in the sand
Skagsanden beach
Explore the rich history and traditions of Lofoten and try fresh seafood
Learn about the history of the Lofoten fisheries
Lofoten Museum
Visit a picturesque fishing village famous for its scenic location

Festivals - Lofoten Islands

FAQ - Lofoten Islands

Can tourists surf in the Lofoten Islands?
Where can you see the Northern Lights on the Lofoten Islands?

- Lofoten Islands

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