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The Old Town of Lublin is the historic center of the city. It features pretty cobbled streets and colorful old buildings, and it is surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls. Visitors can stroll around and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere.
Lublin Castle dominates the Old Town. It is one of the symbols of Lublin. The castle


Things to do and see - Lublin

Walk the cobbled streets of the historic core of the city
Old Town
Enter a 12th-century castle turned museum to learn about the city's history
Lublin Castle
Learn about traditional Polish rural life, customs, and traditions
Lublin Village Open Air Museum
Have a picnic surrounded by lush greenery and colorful flower beds
Saxon Garden
Spend an evening immersed in cultural activities at a cultural hub
Centre for the Meeting of Cultures
Relax amidst a wide variety of plants and flowers
Botanical Garden UMCS
Climb a tower to experience a great panorama of the city
Trinitarian Tower
Take a day trip to a nearby lake and relax on its shores
Zemborzyce Lake
Pay your respects at a memorial site, museum, and education center
The State Museum of Majdanek
Tour a historical town with Renaissance architecture

Festivals - Lublin

FAQ - Lublin

Why is Lublin nicknamed "the city of inspirations"?
What significant historical event took place in Lublin in 1569?

- Lublin

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