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Called "The City of Lights", Lyon is a major metropolis in France that is highlighted for its historical and cultural richness. Each neighbourhood has its own specificity and its time. The Old Lyon is a picturesque-looking area with alleyways reminiscent of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. On the peninsula there are mostly classical-style buildings,

FAQ - Lyon

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Events - Lyon

Nuits Sonores
Nuits Sonores, a boutique electronic festival, is held in the in the historical city of Lyons. Spread out over five days, be prepared for unique performances, events, and workshops, taking place 40 different venues across the city. There's both a day and night program here so be prepared for delights throughout the event.
Lyon, France

Peinture Fraîche Festival
Peinture Fraîche Festival is a festival dedicated to street art, inviting street artists from around the world and showcasing French and international artists.
Lyon, France

Les Toiles des Mômes
Les Toiles des Mômes is a film festival for children that takes place during the autumn school holidays and features a variety of films.
Lyon, France

Paris Photo
Paris Photo is the largest international art fair dedicated to photography. It brings together leading galleries, collectors, and artists from around the world, showcasing a wide range of photographic works. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or a collector, this event offers a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the art of photography.
Lyon, France

Lyon Urban Trail - LUT by night
Lyon Urban Trail - LUT by night is a trail running event that takes place at night in Lyon, France. The event offers different race distances and takes runners through the city's streets and hills.
Lyon, France

Endless Summer Festival
Endless Summer Festival takes place in Lacanau, France. It features electro-pop music and is held on the beach. The festival is free and open to the public.
Lyon, France

Longines Equita Lyon
Longines Equita Lyon is a major equestrian event in Europe, featuring a horse show, International Horse Show, equestrian sports, and a unique show.
Lyon, France

Yggdrasil - L'étrange Noël des Sorciers
Yggdrasil - L'étrange Noël des Sorciers transforms Fort de Bron into a magical market, offering an immersive experience combining the spirit of Halloween with the magic of Christmas.
Lyon, France

EcoFémina Festival
EcoFémina Festival is the first ecofeminist festival in Lyon, providing a space to reflect, debate, experiment, challenge, and highlight local initiatives related to ecology, feminism, and the emancipation of all minorities.
Lyon, France

Festiv·iel festival focuses on inclusive feminism, gender issues, and sexuality.
Lyon, France

Parole ambulante
Parole ambulante is a contemporary literature festival that creates bridges with other artistic disciplines such as music, cinema, and visual arts.
Lyon, France

Biennale de l'Hospitalité
Biennale de l'Hospitalité event features more than 90 free events open to everyone at various locations, providing an opportunity to learn about issues related to homelessness and discover local solidarity initiatives.
Lyon, France

Festival of Lights
The Festival of Lights in Lyon is a spectacular event where the city is illuminated with stunning light displays, projections, and installations. Millions of visitors gather to witness this enchanting celebration, which pays tribute to the Virgin Mary. Explore the illuminated streets and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Lyon, France

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