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Called "The City of Lights", Lyon is a major metropolis in France that is highlighted for its historical and cultural richness. Each neighbourhood has its own specificity and its time. The Old Lyon is a picturesque-looking area with alleyways reminiscent of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. On the peninsula there are mostly classical-style buildings, while at the Confluence the architecture is rather modern. To the north of the city, you can relax outdoors at the Parc de la Tête d'Or, a huge green space. From a gastronomic point of view, Lyon is a world reference with its famous Lyon corks. On the event side, the annual Festival of Lights promises magical and unforgettable moments.

FAQs for Lyon

  • What is the history of lyon's Festival of Lights?
    The Festival of Lights was originally a religious festival of the Immaculate Conception of Enlightenment. Today, this popular festival of Lyon takes place, for several days, each year, at the beginning of December.

  • What rivers cross Lyon?
    Lyon is crossed by two rivers, the Saône and the Rhone.

Things to do and see in Lyon

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