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Madrasa of Granada

The Madraza Palace, with its Baroque architecture, is one of the Spanish palaces with a rich history. It is located right in the city centre, in Granada, Spain. This palace was erected on the site of an ancient university that was located in this part of Andalusia. Several disciplines such as medicine, mathematics and philosophy were taught there. The courses were taught by Arab professors and scholars. Its glass floor showing the room below is one of the sights to behold. The Madraza Palace also houses a Knights' Room whose ceiling is carefully decorated with carved wood. As for the wall decoration, finely worked coatings sublimate it.
Madrasa of Granada

FAQs for Madrasa of Granada

  • What does Madraza mean?
    The word Madraza that gave its name to this Spanish palace comes from the Arabic term Madrasah. The latter is used to designate an institution or place dedicated to teaching.

  • When was the Madraza Palace created?
    It was in the year 1349 that the Madraza Palace was founded by the Sultan of Granada Yusuf I. At that time, it was a university.