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In Malacca, admire the Stadthuys, a historic building with Dutch colonial architecture. It used to be the former town hall. Cross the Santiago Gate, a 16th century monument, the last remnant of the Portuguese fortifications. Explore the ruins of St. Paul's Church, a former great 16th century Catholic church in Southeast Asia. Finally, go to


Things to do and see - Malacca

Witness the surviving remains of a Portuguese fortress
A Famosa
Enter a museum to gain insight into the Peranakan culture
Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an open-air market
Jonker Street
Admire the traditional Malay architecture of a wooden structure
Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum
See some of the street art murals from a different perspective
Malacca River
Wander around one of the oldest parts of the city
Dutch Square
Watch the sunset at a mosque with a golden dome
Melaka Straits Mosque
Learn about Malacca's rich history, local customs and traditions
The Stadthuys
Go to a quiet beach with a relaxed vibe and ideal for swimming
Tanjung Bidara
Relax at a serene island perfect for a day trip
Pulau Besar

Festivals - Malacca

FAQ - Malacca

What are the main cultural sites to visit in Malacca?
What aspects of history can be explored at the National Museum?
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