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Start by heading to Paradeplatz, the city's main square. It is surrounded by historic buildings and shops. You can appreciate the presence of a fountain in the center of the square and stroll along the shopping streets that surround it.

One of the city's must-see attractions is the famous Mannheim Castle, one of the


Things to do and see - Mannheim

Enjoy a day in a park with leisure facilities, culture, and natural beauty
Take a stroll around a famous water tower and its scenic surroundings
Wasserturm Mannheim
Tour one of the largest baroque palaces in Europe
Mannheim Baroque Palace
Take a journey through 200 years of technical and social history
Choose a great excursion destination for outdoor activities
Herzogenried Park
Enter a museum of modern and contemporary art
Kunsthalle Mannheim
Attend cultural events and enjoy panoramic views
Mannheimer Rosengarten
Discover a popular meeting place for shopping and lunch
Admire the magnificent interior of a Catholic parish church
Jesuit Church
Take a trip to a charming town, known for its historic university
20 km
15 min
Stroll along beautiful palace gardens
Schwetzingen Palace
15 km
20 min
Discover an impressive cathedral and technology museum
30 km
30 min
Enjoy hiking trails, charming villages, and scenic landscapes
65 km
70 min

FAQ - Mannheim

What is Mannheim's nickname?
What object was invented in Mannheim?

Events - Mannheim

Mannheimer Stadfest
The Mannheim City Festival attracts up to 125,000 people annually, offering a diverse music program across five stages and live performances by local bands. The festival creates a lively atmosphere with DJs in the nightclub, ensuring a joyful experience for music lovers. The KulturNetz stage showcases cultural contributions from various institutions, including the National Theatre of Mannheim, Schatzkistl, Popakademie, Eintanzhaus, Klapsmühl, and Rhein Neckar Theatre, adding music, opera, stage performances, and dance to the program.
Mannheim, Germany

Jetztmusik Festival
Jetztmusik is a contemporary music festival held in Mannheim, Germany. It showcases emerging artists and explores new musical trends, providing a platform for experimentation and sonic exploration. The festival features a diverse lineup of concerts, audiovisual performances, and sound installations, creating an immersive experience for music enthusiasts seeking innovative discoveries.
Mannheim, Germany

Maifeld Derby
The Maifeld Derby festival renowned music festival with a diverse lineup of national and international artists from various genres.
Mannheim-Vogelstang, Germany

The Schlossfestspiele in Edesheim, after 20 successful years, will sadly come to an end due to political and legal reasons. The festival, once the most successful open-air event in the region, will no longer continue, and ticket refunds are available. We express our regret for this unexpected ending and thank all those who contributed to its success, with hopes for future solutions to revive this beautiful open-air venue.
Mannheim, Germany

Enjoy Jazz
Enjoy Jazz, known as the "Festival for Jazz and More," presents its 25th edition with a program that showcases top-notch artists and a diverse range of genres. While jazz takes center stage, the festival also embraces related genres like classical, pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Stay tuned for the announcement of the program for this special anniversary edition.
Mannheim, Germany

Time Wrap
Time Warp is a legendary electronic music festival held in Mannheim, Germany. It is a must-attend event for electronic music fans, bringing together the world's top DJs and producers. With spectacular stage designs, state-of-the-art sound systems, and high-energy performances, Time Warp creates an electrifying atmosphere where attendees can dance and get lost in the hypnotic sounds of electronic music. It is a unique experience that celebrates the culture of electronic music in all its glory.
Mannheim, Germany

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