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Marshall Islands

Beach lovers will be delighted in the Marshall Islands. Majuro Atoll, the capital, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the isles, which have fine sand and turquoise water. Just a stone's throw away, Eneko Island is another beach haven, famous for its calm waters and amazing snorkeling.

Scuba diving enthusiasts


Things to do and see - Marshall Islands

Enjoy snorkelling opportunities around the capital city
Relax on white-sand beaches and observe marine life
Arno Atoll
Dive into pristine coral reefs and encounter colorful fish
Kwajalein Atoll
Swim in crystal-clear turquoise waters and unwind on soft white sands
Laura Beach
Venture to a small and tranquil island and enjoy snorkeling
Eneko Island
View artifacts of the islands and learn about their history and culture
Alele Museum and Public Library
Go island hopping and snorkeling over WWII wrecks
Maloelap Atoll
Visit one of the best scuba diving spots on the islands
Jaluit Atoll
Immerse yourself in a remote island environment
Explore the crystal-clear waters on a traditional Marshallese canoe
Ailuk Atoll

Festivals - Marshall Islands

FAQ - Marshall Islands

What is the official language of the Marshall Islands?

- Marshall Islands

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