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Matsumoto Castle, nicknamed "the black crow," dominates the city and stands proudly on its ramparts. Dating back to the 16th century, Matsumoto Castle is one of the most beautiful in Japan. It houses a museum showcasing its history and the region's past.
Stroll through Nakamachi, the historic district. Discover its picturesque streets lined with traditional


Things to do and see - Matsumoto

Enter a historic castle and explore its traditional Japanese architecture
Matsumoto Castle
Walk a street lined with preserved Edo-era buildings
Nakamachi Street
View contemporary art exhibits by Japanese and international artists
Matsumoto City Museum of Art
Have a picnic in a park with beautiful views of the mountains and the valley
Matsumoto City Alps Park
Contemplate at a traditional Japanese shrine dedicated to four Shinto deities
Yohashira Shrine
Reach a highland plateau famous for its spectacular mountain scenery
Go jogging or cycling along a flower promenade and view seasonal flowers
Shinshu Sky Park
Spend the day hiking and enjoying breathtaking views of the Japanese Alps
Chubu Sangaku National Park
Visit a city famous for its historic temples and observe wild snow monkeys
Take an excursion to a wasabi farm and try wasabi-flavored food
Daio Wasabi Farm

Festivals - Matsumoto

FAQ - Matsumoto

What are the main architectural features of Matsumoto Castle?
What types of artworks can be found at the Matsumoto Art Museum?
What are the main outdoor activities to do in the Matsumoto area?
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