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Milan Cathedral

The third largest religious building in the world, Milan Cathedral is an architectural feat that will amaze you.
Located in the heart of Italy, Milan Cathedral is an architectural gem that owes its strong Gothic imprint to Nicolas de Bonaventure. Many architects took turns to offer the cathedral all its beauty. Among them is Giuseppe Perego. The structure is richly decorated with pink white marble and is embellished by numerous arrows. From the inside, visitors can enjoy its stained glass windows that dim the sun's rays. They paint the atmosphere of the cathedral in beautiful colors. The long marble columns and large statues only accentuate the beauty of the structure.
Milan Cathedral
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FAQs for Milan Cathedral

  • What objects can be discovered in Milan Cathedral?
    During their visit, tourists will be able to descend the marble staircase to the Tesoro della Cattedrale to discover paleo-Christian objects, real remnants of the past.

  • When was Milan Cathedral built?
    Construction of the cathedral began in 1386 under the orders of Gian Galeazzo Visconti. The realization took 579 years. Thus, the whole thing was completed in 1965.

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