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This lovely place is most famous for its breweries, neighborhoods of pure Chicago character uncontrollably intertwined with modernity and tradition (as honored by the city’s history vis-a-vis that country which gave birth to beer itself). With a foot in each world. . In particular, this town by the lake, which will imprint on you unforgettable


Things to do and see - Milwaukee

Engage in an impressive art collection in a lakefront landmark
Milwaukee Art Museum
Enter a Gilded Age museum boasting stunning interiors
Pabst Mansion
Discover the details of Harley-Davidson's history and heritage
Harley-Davidson Museum
Wander through an artsy district with galleries and restaurants
Historic Third Ward
Go to the most unique downtown food destination
Milwaukee Public Market
Explore an interactive museum located on a lakefront
Discovery World
Spark your curiosity by viewing natural and cultural history exhibits
Milwaukee Public Museum
Enter three glass domes housing diverse plant collections
Mitchell Park Domes
Play beach volleyball and do water sports
Bradford Beach
Learn about the history of lighthouses in Milwaukee
North Point Lighthouse
Take a trip to a historic town with preserved 19th-century buildings

Festivals - Milwaukee

FAQ - Milwaukee

Why is Milwaukee said to be a city on the lake?
Where exactly does the city of Milwaukee get its name from?
Why is it said that the Harley-Davidson Museum is emblematic of the city of Milwaukee?

- Milwaukee

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