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Moco Museum

A very original exhibition space, the Moco Museum in Amsterdam is an invitation to discover modern and contemporary arts differently.
Ideal for art lovers as well as curious, young and old tourists alike, the Moco Museum is a museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It offers visitors all that is new in modern art. Since its inception, several exhibitions dedicated to one-of-a-kind famous artists such as Banksy, Dali and Warhol have followed. What is also interesting about the Moco Museum is its very special location. This extraordinary museum is located in the charming Villa Alsberg, the work of Eduard Cuypers, nephew of Pierre Cuypers. The latter is best known as the architect of Amsterdam's central station and the Rijksmuseum. The Moco Museum was erected between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, two famous places in this city nicknamed the Dutch Venice.
Moco Museum
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FAQs for Moco Museum

  • When did the Moco Museum Amsterdam open its doors?
    In order to offer modern and contemporary arts from a different perspective, Lionel and Kim Logchies decided to create this independent museum located in the land of tulips. The Moco Museum opened its doors in April 2016.

  • What does Moco Museum mean?
    The name of the Moco Museum comes from the contraction of the terms Modern Contemporary Museum. This place has been named after it because it exhibits works of modern and contemporary art even if they deviate slightly from those we are used to seeing.

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