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The Old Town in Mombasa is an iconic district that one explores by foot. Ancient houses built in different styles line its narrow streets. In this way, tourists can absorb the typical ambiance of this historical city.
Fort Jesus, a sixteenth-century fortress, stands over the town as an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ramparts

Enter a historic fort and see exhibits on Kenyan archeological finds
Fort Jesus Museum
See wildlife in its natural setting in a park with nature trails
Haller Park
Wander through the narrow streets of Mombasa’s Old Town
Mombasa Old Town
Have a picnic and unwind on a scenic, white sand beach
Nyali Beach
Go to a stretch of palm-shaded white sand and enjoy swimming
Bamburi Beach
Enjoy fantastic water activities like diving and snorkeling
Mombasa Marine National Park
Travel to a picturesque ruined village to see archaeological relics
Jumba la Mtwana
Embark on wildlife safaris and enjoy world-class scuba diving
Mtwapa Creek
Take a game drive in a large coastal forest to observe wildlife
Shimba Hills National Reserve
See a diverse range of African wildlife in a small nature sanctuary
Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

Festivals - Mombasa

FAQ - Mombasa

What are the main festivals and events that liven up the city of Mombasa?
What are the main historical monuments in Mombasa that bear witness to its past?
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