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Mongolia, a country of strong identity and spirituality, welcomes you with open arms.
In East Asia, discover Mongolia with its multifaceted landscapes made up of glaciers, steppes, deserts, forests and lakes. Three mountain ranges cross the territory: Altai, Kangai and Khentii mountains. The Gobi Desert covers a third of the country. Explore Lake Döröö in Bayan-Ölgii province, an ideal place for beautiful getaways. Explore the Dornod Steppes inhabited by rare flora and fauna such as the red fox and the white gazelle. The archaeological remains of the Arkhangai take you back to the Bronze Age. In Ovörkhangai, we find the former imperial capital of Karakorum with its palace and huge statues. Further north is the Buddhist monastery of Erden-Züü combining Chinese and Tibetan architectural styles. Khövsgöl Nuur Lake, nicknamed the Blue Pearl, in northern Mongolia, is a sacred place of shamans where the water spirits live. It is nevertheless possible to practice activities such as cycling, trekking or kayaking. The capital Ulaanbaatar is home to the Zaisan Memorial, monasteries and the Bogdo-Khaan Winter Palace. In Edernet, there is the largest carpet factory in the country and copper mines which can be visited with a guide. There, the nomadic peoples warmly welcome you in their yurts, the emblematic dwellings of the country.
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FAQs for Mongolia

  • What is the peculiarity of the landscapes of Mongolia?
    More than a fifth of Mongolia is made up of steppes, vast expanses of green devoid of trees.

  • What is shamanism in Mongolia?
    In Mongolia, shamanism is considered a popular religion. This animistic religion is about connecting the spirits of nature, ancestors and all human beings to achieve natural harmony.

  • Which are the most well-attended events in Mongolia?
    Important events in Mongolia are the feast of Tsagaan, the Mongolian New Year celebrating the arrival of spring in February, and the feast of Maidar Ergekh, which takes place at the Amarbayasgalant monastery and involves invoking the fifth Buddha.

Things to do and see in Mongolia

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