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Montpellier is undoubtedly one of the most charming city in Europe, close to the Mediterranean Sea, three hours and a half by train from Paris. The 19th century Place de la Comedie is the beating heart of the city where you can enjoy outdoor musical or dancing shows from talented artists. The Musee Fabre is a must-see visit for museum lovers. The sunny city is also famous for its modern architecture. Montpellier attracts more and more people that are looking for a good life balance. The historic old town of Ecusson is full of well-preserved hosts pretty cafes and terraces. Its university was founded in the 13th century and became known for its medical school, and its magnificent squares are dotted with historic buildings such as Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. Montpellier has many other historical sites like Arc de Triomphe, Perou and the 19th century opera house. The oldest botanical garden in France, dating from the 16th century is very pleasant to visit. Odysseum district is a vibrant mix of shopping centre and leisure activities with many shops, restaurants and cafes, a planetarium, an aquarium, a ice rink and lots more. There are also various festivals, as well as a number of outdoor activities just outside the city.

FAQs for Montpellier

  • Where is the world's oldest medical school?
    The oldest medical school in the world still in operation is in Montpellier, a provincial town located in the south of France.

Things to do and see in Montpellier

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