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In the Saien district, near the station, visitors can taste the local cuisine. Sandaimen is an iconic dish with three types of noodles.
Iwate Park houses the ruins of Morioka Castle. In April, the blossoming cherry trees make the site magnificent. The Sakurayama Shrine and an ancient cherry tree can also be found there.

Go to a popular place for relaxation and recreation for locals
Morioka Castle Ruins Park (Iwate Park)
Stop by and marvel at this breathtaking natural wonder
Rock-Breaking Cherry Tree (Ishiwarizakura)
Gain insight into the story of Morioka at the local history museum
Morioka History and Culture Museum
Have a glimpse into the spiritual heritage of the city
Morioka Hachimangu Shrine
See sculptures and paintings by Iwate's greatest artists
Iwate Museum of Art
Cross an iconic bridge that offers great views of Mount Iwate
Kaiunbashi Bridge
View an example of Meiji period Western-style architecture in Japan
Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building
Visit one of Japan’s oldest and most famous dairy farms
Koiwai Farm
Choose from a diverse range of hiking trails to reach the summit
Mount Iwate
Step inside a Buddhist temple that displays hundreds of rakan statues
Hoonji Temple

Festivals - Morioka

FAQ - Morioka

What is the Sansa Odori dance?
Where can traditional handicraft demonstrations be seen in Morioka?
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