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Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji provides breathtaking views under different altitudes and times of the year. From the plains, it looks like an immaculate snow-covered cone. While its slopes reveal awesome volcanic terrains and unmatched vistas around.
For Japanese shintoists and buddhists, Mount Fuji is an important pilgrimage site. They have been climbing up to say their


Things to do and see - Mount Fuji

Get outdoors and trek and cycle the park's diverse landscapes
Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park
Relax at a tranquil mountain park with Mt. Fuji in the distance
Iwamotoyama Park
Savor brewed tea at a tea plantation with stunning views of Mt. Fuji
Imamiya Tea Plantation
Visit the iconic pagoda during cherry blossom season for dramatic views
Chureito Pagoda
Explore the five lakes, each offering unique attractions
Fuji Five Lakes
Discover the beauty of a mountainous town with hot springs resorts
Enjoy the tranquil setting of a village with views of the mountain
Oshino Hakkai
Take a stroll in a lakeside park with fields of seasonal flowers
Yamanakako Hana no Miyako Park
Camp along the shores of a lake and enjoy water sports
Lake Yamanaka
Go to various vantage points in the city for breathtaking vistas of Fuji

Festivals - Mount Fuji

FAQ - Mount Fuji

Why does Mount Fuji attract so many climbers?
What is the origin of the name "Fuji"?
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