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As you stroll through the city center of Münster, you can admire a history dating back no less than 1200 years while walking among the many typical German shops and breweries. Start with Domplatz Münster, which is the largest square in the city. You can appreciate the traces of fourteenth-century architecture through many cultural buildings,


Things to do and see - Münster

View a massive collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings
Westphalian State Museum of Art & Cultural History
Have a quiet moment at an outstanding medieval monument
See a significant example of Westphalian late Gothic architecture
St Lambert's Church
Step inside a place to get to know all the facets of the universe
LWL Museum of Natural History with Planetarium
Enjoy diverse plant collections and themed gardens
Botanical Garden of the Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster
Explore the only Picasso Museum in Germany
Art Museum Pablo Picasso
Go for a walk or bike ride along the shores of a lake
Lake Aasee
Stroll along a harbor area, with restaurants, and a vibrant cultural scene
Have a day trip to the birthplace of a great German poetess
Burg Hülshoff
10 km
40 min
Travel to a town famous for its equestrian heritage
30 km
35 min
Visit a palace, often referred to as the "Versailles of Westphalia"
Schloss Nordkirchen
30 km
30 min

FAQ - Münster

What is the best means of transport to explore Münster?
Why is Münster described as a city of peace?

Events - Münster

Münster International Jazz Festival
For jazz lovers, this festival welcomes 80 musicians from 16 countries to perform at the Münster Theatre.
Münster, Germany

Heinz am Beach
Heinz am Beach is a dynamic fusion of electrifying beats and coastal vibes. This festival transforms sandy shores into a mesmerizing dance haven, where electronic music enthusiasts gather to groove under the open skies. With top-notch DJs and immersive light shows, the festival creates an unparalleled atmosphere of pulsating energy. Join us for a sonic adventure where the rhythms of electro and dance music collide with the soothing sounds of crashing waves.
Münster, Germany

Cevapcici Open Air Festival
The Cevapcici Open Air Festival is a delectable celebration of culinary and cultural diversity. Set against a backdrop of vibrant music and joyful gatherings, this event brings together a medley of flavors, aromas, and traditions. From sizzling grills to mouthwatering aromatics, the festival showcases the rich tapestry of cuisines centered around the beloved cevapcici dish. Beyond the tantalizing tastes, attendees immerse themselves in a cultural experience that bridges communities through shared meals and festive atmosphere. Join us in savoring the essence of diverse cultures at the Cevapcici Open Air Festival.
Münster, Germany

Starfire Tattoo Weekend
The Starfire Tattoo Weekend is an artistic convergence celebrating the intricate world of body art. Renowned tattoo artists from around the globe gather to showcase their skill, creativity, and passion. This event goes beyond ink, offering a platform for both tattoo enthusiasts and curious minds to explore the diverse styles and techniques that define contemporary tattoo culture. Immerse yourself in a world of indelible artistry, where the human body becomes a canvas and stories are etched in ink at the Starfire Tattoo Weekend.
Münster, Germany

Pink Turns Blue
Pink Turns Blue is an immersive journey into the realms of alternative and post-punk music. This festival pays homage to the iconic sounds that emerged from the underground scene, bringing together bands that capture the raw emotion and unique sonic textures of the genre. From haunting melodies to edgy rhythms, Pink Turns Blue offers a sonic experience that resonates with those who appreciate the unconventional. Join us as we dive into the captivating world of alternative and post-punk at the Pink Turns Blue festival.
Münster, Germany

Reaktanz - B-Side Festival Aftershow
The Reaktanz - B-Side Festival Aftershow is an electrifying extension of the main event. As night falls and the beats of the day linger in the air, this afterparty takes festival-goers on a pulsating journey through electronic soundscapes. With cutting-edge DJs and immersive light displays, the event ignites the night with vibrant energy and non-stop dancefloor action. Join us as we keep the festival spirit alive and the music pumping into the late hours at the Reaktanz - B-Side Festival Aftershow.
Münster, Germany

Munsterland festival
The festival features artists that embody the cultural richness and contemporary influences of the host region. Its comprehensive program unfolds in unique settings like historical moated castles, repurposed industrial sites, art associations, and select concert halls. The music spans jazz, pop, folk, and classical genres, while a variety of exhibitions and excursions enhance the experience, making it distinct from traditional event halls and museums in the region.
Münster, Germany

The Ocean | This Will Destroy You
The Ocean | This Will Destroy You is a sonic voyage into the ethereal realms of post-rock and ambient music. This festival unites enthusiasts of atmospheric soundscapes, where bands weave intricate instrumental stories that ebb and flow like the tides. With mesmerizing guitar melodies, transcendent rhythms, and immersive arrangements, the event captures the essence of introspection and emotion. Join us for an auditory journey where the boundary between music and experience dissolves at The Ocean | This Will Destroy You festival.
Münster, Germany

Christmas garden of Münster
From dusk, the Munster Christmas Garden transports you to a magical world on a 2km course. Its many illuminations and decorations transcribe all the Christmas symbols known to all. Take a gourmet break; do not hesitate to enjoy a hot drink or dish on a stand by the fire.
Münster, Germany

Heavysaurus is a unique fusion of rock music and family-friendly entertainment. This festival introduces young and old to a captivating world where prehistoric creatures take the stage, rocking out to thunderous tunes. With catchy lyrics and energetic performances, Heavysaurus delivers an unforgettable experience that bridges generations. Join us for a one-of-a-kind adventure where music meets dinosaurs and the stage comes alive with roaring excitement at the Heavysaurus festival.
Münster, Germany

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