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Museum of Vancouver

The MOV is a museum whose collections are mainly donated, and this since its creation in the 19th century. While the Museum's original goal was to draw the world's attention to Vancouver by exhibiting objects from all walks of life, the current dynamic is aimed at promoting the city internationally. Therefore, the MOV hosts foreign collections from Asia and the East, as well as exhibitions and events centered on the country and the city. The MOV thus has a significant political dimension. Its goal is to encourage reflection on issues such as immigration, climate change, and urban planning. Guests can participate in workshops, attend conferences, or celebrate local and national events.
Museum of Vancouver

FAQs for Museum of Vancouver

  • When was the MOV building built?
    The building dates back to 1967 and was designed by the canadian architect Gerald Hamilton.

  • What is the MOV interactive garden?
    The garden itself is an exhibition inspired by Vancouver's multicultural gardens. It aims to make vegetation a means of inclusion and civic engagement for immigrant populations and locals.