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Exploration can begin in the Kacari ruins of Dimapur, the entry point to the state. It enjoys perfect road conditions, and the scenery is incredible. Nature and history lovers will be delighted, especially when they go to the ruins. As for those who want to bring back souvenirs from their trip, Ruzaphema is the right


Things to do and see - Nagaland

Learn about the city's past and culture
Explore the city's bazaars and picturesque landscapes
Have a mesmerizing experience by exploring Konyak tribes
Seek adventure amidst natural beauty and vibrant Naga culture
Trek through the valley and take in breathtaking views
Dzukou Valley
Experience the rich Ao Naga culture and visit traditional villages
Delve into the rich culture and tradition of the region's tribes
Nagaland State Museum
Indulge in activities like birdwatching, hiking, and trekking
Hike and enjoy panoramic vistas of the lush green Dzukou Valley
Japfu Peak
Gain insight into the rich culture and tradition of the Nagas
Naga Heritage Village

Festivals - Nagaland

FAQ - Nagaland

Why is Nagaland known as the Falcon Capital of the World?
How many tribes are there in the Nagaland area?
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