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Wander through Nagoya Castle, an imposing 17th-century keep, and admire its feudal architecture. The Tokugawa Art Museum houses an impressive collection of Japanese art.
Dive into the lively downtown area and discover its shops, restaurants, and bars. Sakae is a shopping district that tempts you with local products.

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Things to do and see - Nagoya

Visit one of Japan's most famous castles from the Edo Period
Nagoya Castle
Enter an important Shinto shrine housing a sacred sword
Atsuta Jingu
Explore one of the largest planetariums in the world
Nagoya City Science Museum
Tour a pottery and ceramics factory and relax in its peaceful garden
Noritake Garden
Walk along walkways winding around a central pond in a Japanese garden
Tokugawa Park
Marvel traditional Japanese paintings and contemporary masterpieces
Nagoya City Art Museum
Visit a theme park with rides, attractions, and interactive exhibits
Legoland Japan Resort
Go to a cultural treasure trove with historic temples
Step inside Osaka Castle and explore the city's vibrant food scene
Get a peek into the history of one of Japan's most iconic companies
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Festivals - Nagoya

FAQ - Nagoya

What festivals shouldn't you miss in Nagoya?
What are the best places to stay in Nagoya?

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