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The first stopping point will be at the Citadel of Namur. Listed as a Walloon heritage site, the visit to the Citadel starts with the famous Esplanade and the sumptuous Castle of the Counts. Moreover, a Median allows visitors to discover a fortress full of surprises. Nature lovers will be impressed by the divine green


Things to do and see - Namur

Enter an ancient fortress and explore its extensive underground passages
Citadel of Namur
Experience the provocative art created by a well-known Belgian artist
Félicien Rops Museum
Witness Belgium's only cathedral built in academic Late Baroque style
Namur Cathedral
Climb the staircase of a circular tower for breathtaking views of the city
Belfry of Namur
Rest and relax in a park with a pond and an ornate bridge
Park Louise-Marie
Learn about the history of Namur through archaeological artifacts
Museum of Ancient Arts of Namur
Catch a performance at a historic theater with colonnaded facade
Theater Royal de Namur
Have unique views of the city and its landmarks
Meuse River
Take a trip to a town famous for its stunning citadel perched on a cliff
Tour a city home to one of Europe's oldest universities

Festivals - Namur

FAQ - Namur

Is it possible to explore the Citadel tunnels?
What are the great legends linked to the history of Namur?

- Namur

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