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Discover Nanning:
1,000-year-old city steeped in history
Explore Nanning's rich culture through ancient temples and tranquil gardens like the People's Botanical Garden.
Yongjiang River - source of water and recreation
Daming Mountain (20 km away) - the highest point, hiking, temples, monasteries, TV tower
Relaxation: Qingxiu Park - lake, botanical garden, tropical greenhouse


Things to do and see - Nanning

Learn about Guangxi's history and ethnic culture
Guangxi Museum of Nationalities
Climb to the top of a hill for panoramic views of the city
Qingxiu Mountain
Relax in an urban park and enjoy the scenic beauty
Nanning People's Park
Have a glimpse into traditional Chinese medicine
Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden
Sample local delicacies and street food on a bustling street
Nanning Zhongshan Snack Street
Explore the stalagmites and stalactites of a large limestone cave
Yiling Cave
Trace China’s long history and see how people lived in ancient times
Yangmei Ancient Town
Have a peaceful retreat in a park with subtropical landscapes
Nanhu Lake Park
Take a walking trail on the mountain and enjoy the panoramic views
Daming Mountain
Visit one of the largest transnational waterfalls in Asia
Detian Waterfall

Festivals - Nanning

FAQ - Nanning

What are the top attractions to visit in Nanning?

- Nanning

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