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Nantes is a Northwest France town extending over the Loire River. The Dukes of Brittany's Castle, in the medieval quarter of Nantes, should be noticed by visitors. The city houses a museum tracing the region's history and offers stunning city views. You can explore the collections of zoology and mineralogy in the Natural History Museums.

Things to do and see - Nantes

See a unique attraction that combines art and engineering
Les Machines de l'Île
Enter one of the most emblematic monuments of Nantes
Château des ducs de Bretagne
Have a peaceful retreat in a lush botanical garden
Botanical Garden
Get inside a stunning Gothic cathedral that is a must-see
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul
Immerse yourself in art spanning from the 13th to the 21st century
Musée d’Arts de Nantes
Unwind at a Japanese-inspired garden in the heart of the city
Ile de Versailles
Step aboard the only French navy ship transformed into a museum
French destroyer Maillé-Brézé
See blooming rhododendrons, camellias, and magnolias
Proce Park
Have a change of scenery at a park with a Japanese-style pagoda
Parc du Grand-Blottereau
See the largest slave trade memorial in the world
Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery
See waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and lush plantings
Jardin Extraordinaire
Enjoy a boat ride or a leisurely stroll along a peaceful river
Erdre River
Experience the city from a different perspective
Loire River

Events - Nantes

DYSTROPIC à la Guinguette du Belvédère
The Pinta Beer Festival DYSTROPIC at Guinguette du Belvédère is a vibrant and immersive event that celebrates the art of craft beer. With a dystopian theme, attendees can enjoy a wide selection of unique brews while immersing themselves in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.
Nantes, France

L'expérience à Nantes
L'expérience à Nantesis a total immersion in the culture and history of this dynamic city in the west of France. From guided tours of medieval castles to tastings of local specialties, this experience offers a real discovery of Nantes in all its aspects.
Nantes, France

Table ronde - Art, Histoire et Numérique
The "Art, History and Digital" round table brings together experts in the field to discuss the impact of digital technologies on the preservation, dissemination and interpretation of art and history. Participants will discuss the opportunities offered by digital technology as well as the challenges and issues related to its use in these areas.
Nantes, France

Les arts numérique racontent l'Histoire
Digital arts are a powerful way to tell the story by combining visual, sound and interactive elements to create an immersive experience. They make it possible to bring past events to life, to contextualize them and make them accessible to a wide audience, while offering new perspectives and interpretations.
Nantes, France

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