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Nara National Museum

The Nara National Museum reflects the importance of Buddhism in Japanese culture, but also a symbol of Japanese expertise in art and architecture.
The Nara National Museum is a testament to Japan's extraordinary cultural history. Inside, there is an important collection of Buddhist sculptures and bronze ritual objects. You can also admire the exhibits of the treasure of the Shus-in, a Buddhist temple. Paintings, calligraphy, handicrafts and archaeological remains are on display in the aisles. In the middle of the museum's garden, the Hassan is a home for tea ceremonies and readings of haiku, Japanese poems.
Nara National Museum
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FAQs for Nara National Museum

  • How did the Nara National Museum start?
    The National Museum was created under the Meiji Restoration, 19th century imperial families. It was built by the architect Katayama Tukuma, then was founded in 1889 to open to the public in 1895.

  • What national treasures are in the National Museum of Nara?
    The National Museum of Nara houses an important collection of thirteen national treasures, to mention only the Jodo mandara-zu, the embroidery of Sakyamuni and the calligraphy of the Nihon Shoki.

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