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National Gallery of Denmark

Art lovers will find it a pleasure to visit the National Gallery of Denmark and will particularly appreciate Danish artwork.
The National Gallery of Denmark or SMK is the largest fine art museum in Denmark. The museum is located in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, near the Plant Garden (Botanisk Have) and the famous Rosenborg Castle. The National Museum of Art houses a wide variety of artistic works from the 12th to the 20th century. The approximately 400,000 collections within the property include paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures. The objects on display come from all over the world. On the premises, you will find, among others, Nordic and Danish arts, international achievements as well as European works. Several paintings by famous artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Mantegna, Braque and Picasso are visible. Finally, Room 300 is entirely devoted to the abstract and surreal works of Wilhelm Freddie, a Danish painter and sculptor.
National Gallery of Denmark
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  • When was the National Gallery of Denmark built?
    Construction of the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen began in 1889 and was completed in 1896. It was designed by Danish architects Jens Vilhelm Dahlerup and G.E.W. Muller. Extension work has been carried out by Mads Muller and Anna Maria Indrio. For example, a new building was built in November 1998.

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