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National Museum of Cinema in Turin

The National Museum of Cinema in Turin is an exceptional place for film lovers.
The National Museum of Cinema, located in Turin, Italy, offers you unforgettable moments in the heart of the seventh art. Founded in 1953, one of the most visited museums in Turin traces the history of cinema through time and in different places around the world. The museum annually hosts the Torino Film Festival, one of the main film events in Italy. Within the exhibition spaces, which extend over 5 floors, are presented optical devices and various cinema accessories used at different times. The main room is devoted to the presentation of several cinematographic genres. You can also see a large number of movie posters from all over the world.
National Museum of Cinema in Turin
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FAQs for National Museum of Cinema in Turin

  • In which historic building is the National Cinema Museum of Turin located?
    The National Museum of Cinema in Turin is located in the Mole Antonelliana, an exceptional historic building designed by Alessandro Antonelli. It is a domed structure 167.5 meters high.

  • What does the Torino Film Festival offer at the National Cinema Museum in Turin?
    The Torino Film Festival aims to promote new directors with innovative cinematographic works. This event is also an opportunity to discuss perspectives and trends in Cinema.

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