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Natural Wonders of Mauritius

One of the must-see places in Mauritius is the land of the seven colors in Chamarel. The colors and shapes of its rocks come from lava flows dating back millions of years. At Cap Noir, you can abseil along the Chamarel waterfalls, more than 90 meters high. You can walk around the Black River Gorges

Natural Wonders of Mauritius

Things to do and see - Natural Wonders of Mauritius

Marvel at a geological formation of sand dunes with seven distinct colors
Chamarel Seven Colored Earth
Hike into the heart of a rare, indigenous forest
Black River Gorges National Park
Get to a viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the waterfall
Chamarel Waterfall
Adventure to waterfalls, and hike amidst lush vegetation
Tamarind Falls
Climb a dormant volcano for breathtaking views
Trou aux Cerfs
Hike a striking mountain, and enjoy the stunning scenery
Le Morne Brabant
Learn about the island's conservation efforts
Île aux Aigrettes
Experience a picturesque waterfall with unique rock formations
Rochester Falls

- Natural Wonders of Mauritius

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