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New South Wales

Let's start with shows or festivals. The city of Sydney is in constant evolution, it is home to the Sydney Opera House, considered one of the most famous buildings in the world, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007 for its remarkable architecture. It was built between 1958 and 1973


Things to do and see - New South Wales

Marvel at a masterpiece of modern architecture
Sydney Opera House
Climb a bridge for breathtaking views of the city and harbor
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Relax on golden sands, surf the waves, and enjoy the atmosphere
Bondi Beach
Hike and have iconic views in Blue Mountains National Park
Three Sisters walk
Have outdoor adventures in Australia's oldest national park
Royal National Park
Tour the most spectacular and most famous caves in Australia
Jenolan Caves
Travel to an idyllic destination north of Sydney
Port Stephens
Go to a town known for its beaches, surfing, and scuba diving sites
Byron Bay
Spend some time in an alpine wilderness
Kosciuszko National Park
Take a scenic coastal walk to enjoy breathtaking views
Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
Savor wine tastings and gourmet cuisine in a wine region
Hunter Valley
Relax on some of the whitest sandy beaches in the world
Jervis Bay
Swim in aquamarine waters and sunbathe at sandy beaches
Sapphire Coast
Explore a national park steeped in local Aboriginal history
Mungo National Park
Travel to a paradise for hiking, snorkeling, and relaxation
Lord Howe Island

FAQ - New South Wales

What is a Syrah and a Sémillon?

Events - New South Wales

Sydney Festival
Sydney Festival is a vibrant and diverse cultural celebration held in Sydney, Australia, featuring a wide range of artistic performances, music concerts, theater shows, and outdoor events, attracting locals and tourists alike to experience the creativity and talent of artists from around the world.
New South Wales, Australia

Tamworth Country Music Festival
Tamworth Country Music Festival: A lively and iconic country music festival held in Tamworth, Australia, showcasing a diverse lineup of country music artists and bands, offering concerts, competitions, and festivities that celebrate the rich heritage and culture of country music in Australia.
New South Wales, Australia

Field Day Sydney
Field Day Sydney is a music festival that takes place on New Year's Day and features a mix of electronic and hip-hop music acts, offering a lively start to the year.
New South Wales, Australia

Laneway Festival Sydney
Laneway Festival Sydney is a music festival that focuses on indie, alternative, and emerging music artists, creating an intimate and engaging festival atmosphere.
New South Wales, Australia

Spring Loaded Gosford
Spring Loaded Gosford is a music festival that often showcases Australian rock bands and provides an opportunity for music enthusiasts to enjoy live performances.
New South Wales, Australia

Blue Mountains Music Festival
**Blue Mountains Music Festival:** A captivating and diverse music festival set in the scenic Blue Mountains of Australia, featuring a wide range of musicians, singers, and bands from various genres, creating a harmonious celebration of musical talent and cultural diversity.
New South Wales, Australia

Big Picture Fest Newcastle
Big Picture Fest Newcastle is an all-star line up of world-class and up-and-coming contemporary street artists. The Big Picture Fest celebrates innovative creative thinking and artistic methods including the use of new technologies to promote, experience and understand public art.
New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay Bluesfest
Byron Bay Bluesfest is an internationally renowned music festival that celebrates blues, roots, and various music genres with a diverse lineup of artists.
New South Wales, Australia

Vivid Sydney
Vivid Sydney is a spectacular and immersive light and art festival held in Sydney, Australia. The festival transforms the city into a mesmerizing canvas of colorful light displays, interactive installations, and 3D projections, creating a dazzling and enchanting atmosphere for visitors to explore and enjoy.
New South Wales, Australia

School Band Festival
The School Band Festival is listed on the Federal Government's Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO) as a tax-deductible entity. If you would like to support the Festival in a more substantial manner please contact Pat on the details above.
New South Wales, Australia

Alice Springs Beanie Festival
The Alice Springs Beanie Festival, one of Australia's unique Festivals, will be held in the Red Centre in June. Five hundred beanie makers (from around the globe) shall create some of the world's best headgear and 6600 beanies are expected to descend on the Araluen Arts Centre for four days of exhibitions, Indigenous workshops, textile classes, live music, homemade tucker and a whole lot of fun, joy, warmth and colour.
New South Wales, Australia

Liverpool Active FEST Series
Liverpool Active Fest is an exhilarating celebration of health, fitness, and active lifestyles. This dynamic event brings together individuals of all ages and fitness levels to partake in a variety of engaging activities, workshops, and challenges. From energetic fitness classes and outdoor adventures to informative wellness sessions, the festival offers a holistic approach to well-being. Join us for a day of movement, inspiration, and community bonding at Liverpool Active Fest.
New South Wales, Australia

Colours of Freedom
“Colours of Freedom” is a captivating art exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence.This vibrant showcase brings together Ukrainian artists in Australia who have embraced a unique challenge: creating their artworks using only two colours, blue and yellow. Symbolising hope, freedom, and happiness, these hues encapsulate the spirit of Ukraine’s journey towards independence, celebrating the country’s sovereignty and resilience.
New South Wales, Australia

Newcastle Music Festival
Newcastle Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Newcastle in August. Brilliant locals and inspiring guests from around the world feature in classical, jazz and world music concerts. In 2023 the Festival welcomes special guests Andrea Lam (piano), Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier, Mark Johns and Guy Strazz (guitars), Mitchell Berick (clarinet), and many other wonderful performers.
New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Science Festival
Sydney Science Festival is an exciting and accessible program of science events presented by Powerhouse Museum. It aims to inspire curiosity about what science is capable of – and criticism too – in a series of interactive performances, talks and exhibits across the city. This year’s festival theme – Trace – explores the many marks we leave on our environment and how scientists strive to understand the sources and effects of different phenomena. The theme is responsive to key Powerhouse exhibitions: Atmospheric Memory.
New South Wales, Australia

Travelling Film Festival
The Travelling Film Festival returns to Orange Odeon 5 Cinemas, sharing a fresh and exciting program filled with festival favourites and award-winning selections for one weekend only! Opening the festival is Carmen, starring oscar-nominated Paul Mescal and Melissa Barrera, this visionary retelling of Carmen is an exhilarating thriller combining dance, politics and music, and features Sydney Dance Company artists.
New South Wales, Australia

Byron Writers Festival
The Byron Writers Festival has become famous for its relaxed and friendly vibe, open-air beachside location and compelling conversations spanning a mix of genres including music, art, environment, philosophy, health, politics, human rights and of course, memoir and fiction. This year will be no exception.
New South Wales, Australia

Theatre Festival kicks
Theatre Festival Kicks is a vibrant showcase of theatrical creativity and innovation. Featuring a diverse range of performances, from thought-provoking dramas to side-splitting comedies, this festival gathers the best and brightest talents from the theater world. Through captivating storytelling and compelling performances, Theatre Festival Kicks brings to life a myriad of emotions and narratives, captivating audiences and leaving them with a deeper appreciation for the art of live performance.
New South Wales, Australia

Orange Winter Fire Festival
The Orange Winter Fire Festival is an extraordinary fusion of music and the magic of the winter season. Held against a backdrop of snow-covered landscapes, this festival transforms the cold into a captivating experience. From energetic pop-rock anthems to soulful acoustic melodies, a diverse lineup of musical acts takes the stage, warming the hearts of attendees. The festival grounds are adorned with mesmerizing light displays and interactive installations, creating an enchanting atmosphere. As the music resonates through the crisp winter air, and the flames of bonfires dance in the night, the Orange Winter Fire Festival becomes a truly unforgettable celebration of both music and winter's beauty.
New South Wales, Australia

Aroma coffee & chocolate Festival
The Aroma Coffee & Chocolate Festival is a celebration of rich flavors and enticing aromas, catering to coffee and chocolate enthusiasts. Attendees can indulge in tastings, pairings, and interactive workshops, making it a haven for those seeking delightful culinary experiences.
New South Wales, Australia

Reelise Film Festival
The Reelise Film Festival is a cinematic extravaganza that brings together filmmakers and movie aficionados. Showcasing a diverse range of films, from gripping dramas to captivating documentaries, the festival provides a platform for both established and emerging talents to shine. With thought-provoking screenings and engaging discussions, the Reelise Film Festival offers a captivating experience for anyone passionate about the world of cinema.
New South Wales, Australia

Casino Craft Beer Festival
Beers, brews, food and music! Come and enjoy a family-friendly day at The Barn with some of the best local craft brewers on show: Seven Mile Brewing Co, Balter, Brookie's Gin, Brookvale Union, Stone & Wood. Spend the day listening to live music, enjoying lunch at The Barn and tasting your way through the variety of craft beers available.
New South Wales, Australia

Himalayan Cultural Festival
The Himalayan Cultural Festival is a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse cultures that call the Himalayan region home. Through traditional music, dance, art, and cuisine, this festival offers a captivating glimpse into the unique heritage of the Himalayas. Attendees can immerse themselves in the beauty of age-old traditions, vibrant costumes, and mesmerizing performances that reflect the spirit of this breathtaking region.
New South Wales, Australia

Winter Fire Festival
The Winter Fire Festival is an enchanting event that combines the magic of the winter season with the warmth of crackling fires. Against a backdrop of snowy landscapes, attendees can enjoy a variety of winter-themed activities, from cozy bonfires to exhilarating ice skating. The festival's atmosphere is made even more captivating by dazzling light displays and winter-inspired art installations. It's a celebration that embraces the beauty of winter while providing a cozy and inviting space for people to gather and enjoy the season's delights.
New South Wales, Australia

Bella Vista Gardens Winter Music Festival
The Bella Vista Gardens Winter Music Festival is a captivating blend of live music and the enchantment of winter. Held in the scenic Bella Vista Gardens, the festival offers a diverse musical lineup against the backdrop of the winter landscape. Attendees can enjoy soulful melodies and lively tunes in an atmosphere adorned with artistic winter decorations. It's a harmonious celebration that combines the joy of music with the charm of the winter season.
New South Wales, Australia

Hilltops Winter Glow Festival
The Hilltops Winter Glow Festival connects the community and features barbeque grand champion Pitmaster Adam Roberts, co-founder of the Australian Barbecue Alliance. There are food tastings, food trucks and cooking demos, entertainment by Harry Cleverdon, The Young Ones Band, DJ's, LED dancers, fireworks and more. There are free shuttle buses from outside the Young Visitor Information Centre.
New South Wales, Australia

Inner West Music Fest
The Inner West Music Fest is a vibrant celebration of musical diversity and community spirit. Showcasing an eclectic lineup of genres, from indie rock to jazz and electronic beats, this festival brings together local and emerging talents on one stage. With multiple stages and interactive zones, attendees can immerse themselves in a dynamic musical experience. The festival's focus on local artists fosters a sense of unity and support within the inner west community, making it a must-attend event for music enthusiasts and community members alike.
New South Wales, Australia

Cocktails- Newcastle Music Festival
Cocktails - Newcastle Music Festival combines musical excellence with the art of mixology. This festival presents diverse musical performances alongside expertly crafted cocktails. Attendees can savor both melodies and flavors, enjoying the talents of local and international artists while indulging in innovative cocktails. It's a harmonious celebration that merges music and mixology, creating a unique and delightful festival experience in the dynamic city of Newcastle.
New South Wales, Australia

The Rangbow Festival
The Rangbow Festival is a vibrant celebration of diversity and unity. This festival brings together people from all walks of life to revel in a colorful tapestry of cultures, art forms, and traditions. From lively performances and art installations to culinary delights and interactive workshops, the festival creates a space where different perspectives and backgrounds are celebrated. The Rangbow Festival is a joyful reminder of the beauty that arises when communities come together to embrace their differences and share in the spirit of togetherness.
New South Wales, Australia

Darwin Festival
The Darwin Festival is a cultural extravaganza that highlights the arts and creativity. With a diverse program of performances, exhibitions, and events, this festival showcases the richness of contemporary and traditional artistic expressions. From live music and theater to visual arts and dance, the festival captures the essence of the vibrant Darwin community and its connection to the wider world. It's a celebration that bridges cultures, fosters creativity, and invites both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the dynamic cultural landscape of Darwin.
New South Wales, Australia

Mudgee Wine + Food Festival
The Mudgee Wine + Food Festival is a gastronomic delight that celebrates the region's finest wines and culinary creations. Nestled in the heart of Mudgee, this festival offers a journey through a diverse range of locally produced wines, paired with delectable food offerings. Attendees can indulge in wine tastings, guided vineyard tours, and cooking demonstrations.
New South Wales, Australia

Top Dog Film Festival
The Top Dog Film Festival is a heartwarming cinematic event that celebrates the extraordinary bond between humans and their canine companions. Through a collection of diverse and touching short films, the festival captures the essence of the human-dog connection, from inspiring rescue stories to displays of canine athleticism. It's a joyful celebration of the impact dogs have on our lives, offering an engaging and emotional experience for both dog lovers and film enthusiasts alike.
New South Wales, Australia

Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields is a music and arts festival known for its immersive and eclectic experience, featuring a diverse lineup of electronic and live music acts, workshops, and interactive art installations.
New South Wales, Australia

Sounds of Afrobeats Festival
The Sounds of Afrobeats Festival is a celebration of Afrobeats music and culture, featuring live performances, dancing, and a vibrant atmosphere.
New South Wales, Australia

Dreamstate Sydney
Dreamstate Sydney is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that caters to trance music enthusiasts, offering a captivating and immersive trance music experience.
New South Wales, United States

Good Things Sydney
Good Things Sydney is a music festival that showcases a variety of rock and alternative music acts, providing an energetic and dynamic music experience.
New South Wales, Australia

Subsonic Music Festival
Subsonic Music Festival is an underground electronic music event that embraces various sub-genres of electronic music and creates a unique and immersive musical journey.
New South Wales, Australia

EPIK is a music festival hosted by HSU Events, known for their expertise in hard electronic dance music (EDM) in Australia. The festival introduces a new concept focused on extended artist set times, immersive visual experiences, and state-of-the-art ceremonies, including a unique and spectacular end-show, setting it apart from previous HSU Events.
New South Wales, Australia

Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise is a New Year's Eve music and arts festival that offers a blend of live music, electronic music, workshops, and a scenic natural setting.
New South Wales, Australia

NYE at North Gong
NYE at North Gong is a New Year’s Eve celebration at The North Gong. The event is organized by Yours & Owls and features a lineup of alternative dance chart toppers, a platinum-certified hip hop purveyor, the finest up-and-coming surf-rock, and a sweet mix of Gong’s favorites.
New South Wales, Australia

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