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New Year's Eve in unusual places

Many places in the world are very atypical for celebrating the New Year. They are indeed so unusual that they will undoubtedly manage to put glitter in your eyes.
Therefore, to begin with, the Myvatn baths in Iceland must be at the top of the list. On the program of these natural hot springs, you have to expect volcanic stone under your feet, incredible views of the mountains, steam, and turquoise water as far as the eye can see for a magical experience while waiting for the clock to strike midnight for the New Year. The Ile Saint-Louis is located on the Seine River in France and is on the list of unlikely places to celebrate the New Year. It is a 100% Gallic tavern that will transport fans of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix in a good-natured atmosphere with Celtic music, large tables, and especially the warm welcome of the owners and customers. To spend a unique New Year's Eve, the cave of Lombrives is an exceptional place. It is the largest in Europe, and to spend a colorful New Year's Eve evening, you must go to Ariège in France. On the program, expect a cave tour and an underground concert to enjoy the incredible acoustics and champagne, among others. Another venue to celebrate New Year's Eve in France is the Blacksheep Igloo Village in La Plagne. It is an ice palace that will make everyone dream. Between the different igloos offered: igloos for families and hot igloo heats with a wood stove, a magical New Year awaits you. But if you want to build your igloo with a shovel after a snowshoe hike, you must go to the Aspe Valley in the Pyrenees. In Plérin in Brittany, you will not be disappointed by the traditional New Year's Eve bath. The inhabitants have the custom of making this large bath at 11 am on December 31 in the freezing water of Plérin before continuing with delicious hot chocolate or mulled wine. Then, a little later in the evening, this bath gives way to festivities to welcome the new year. In Scotland, New Year's Eve is celebrated differently. They call it Hogmanay, and it lasts over 3 days. For this, you must go to Edinburgh, where a torchlight procession with Vikings, bagpipes, and fireworks is planned. In Austria, mountains and wonders await you in Kitzbühel. This medieval city east of Innsbruck is home to a ski resort where restaurants offer sumptuous gala dinners for New Year's Eve. The festivities continue in the early morning of January 1, when visitors can meet at the foot of the Hahnenkamm slopes to taste Glühwein while admiring the show organized by the ski schools. In Sweden, the New Year's Eve festivities resonate with the rhythm of the reading of the poem Ring out, Wild bells at the Skansen Open Air Museum. Locals also enjoy climbing the hill of Fjallgatan or strolling along the lake on Monteliusvagen while waiting for the new year to be heard. In Asia, Oman's capital, Muscat, is an unusual place to spend the New Year with a car rally. Indeed, the seaside party district of Al-shati is full of luxury cars in the evening, and once the twelve strokes of midnight strike, an incredible fireworks display is launched. Of course, on the American continent, it is essential to go to Times Square in New York to spend a moment of madness while waiting for the symbolic ball to fall. This event is filmed, and it features many famous talents. A small fireworks display is organized every hour to give the inhabitants a glimpse of what awaits them. It's a fantastic experience to have. Head to Hawaii to enjoy the ocean breeze and waves while waiting for the stroke of midnight. The New Year's Eve ball drop is a Hala Kahiki, which means pineapple. Then, in Rio de Janeiro, you will undoubtedly experience an incredible time on Copacabana Beach, where all the celebration takes place on New Year's Eve. This horseshoe-shaped beach is the perfect setting to admire the fireworks from the port. In the southern hemisphere, Sydney is Australia's best spot to party for New Year. You must go to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to do this. Finally, to experience an unusual New Year's experience, you must go to India in Shillong. Everything is nicely decorated there, and the most famous hotels in this place organize big parties to entertain locals as well as tourists. It will be the appropriate time to enjoy Bollywood dancing and music.
New Year's Eve in unusual places
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