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Nha Trang

Nha Trang's story is a fascinating narrative meticulously woven through the passage of time and the influences of diverse cultures. This diverse mosaic comes to life as you traverse the city's neighborhoods, explore its historical landmarks, and immerse yourself in the spirited essence of its inhabitants, painting a vivid portrait of coastal Vietnam.



Things to do and see - Nha Trang

Climb to a large Buddhist temple atop a hill, offering city views
Long Son Pagoda
See ancient Hindu temples dating back to the 7th century
Ponagar Temple
Do water sports, and swim in clear blue waters
Nha Trang Beach
Go diving and snorkeling at a vibrant coral reef site
Hon Mun Island
Enter an ancient church with a unique Western-style structure
Nha Trang Cathedral
Experience the local culture at a bustling market
Dam Market
Have a relaxing seaside retreat away from the bustling city life
Doc Let beach
45 km
55 min
Relax in mineral-rich mud baths and hot springs
Thap Ba Hot Spring
View the life and work of the scientist Alexandre Yersin
Alexandre Yersin Museum
Hike a mountain for scenic views of the ocean and nearby islands
Co Tien Mountain
Go on an exhilarating hike to reach majestic waterfalls
Ba Ho Waterfalls
Venture to a scenic bay offering beautiful beaches
Cam Ranh Bay
50 km
60 min

FAQ - Nha Trang

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Events - Nha Trang

Nha Trang Sea Festival
The Nha Trang Sea Festival is a vibrant celebration of coastal culture, likely featuring seafood, water-based activities, and cultural performances. It's an event that embraces the sea and its importance to the community.
Nha Trang, Vietnam

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