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Nosy Be

Explore the wild trails of the rainforest and meet a warm and welcoming local. The Lokobe Game Reserve is home to various plants and animals, including lemurs, chameleons, and frogs. Nosy Komba is known for its lemur population, including the endangered black and white lemur.
Nosy Iranja is a Vacant island with white sand and


Things to do and see - Nosy Be

Watch the sunset from a hill and enjoy the panoramic views
Mont Passot
Relax on a pristine beach with white sand and turquoise waters
Go diving and explore the coral reefs with exceptional marine life
Trek through a dense rainforest to observe endemic lemurs
Lokobe National Park
Learn about lemurs at a nature reserve with tropical plants
Lemuria Land
Enjoy the pleasures of snorkeling and observe the corals
Nosy Tanikely National Park
Have a glimpse into the city's local life with its bustling markets
Take a boat trip to a nearby island famous for its friendly lemurs
Nosy Komba
Escape to an idyllic spot for swimming and snorkeling
Nosy Iranja
Swim with green turtles and go snorkeling
Nosy Sakatia

Festivals - Nosy Be

FAQ - Nosy Be

What are the activities to be noticed in Nosy Be?
What are the beaches of Nosy Be?

- Nosy Be

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