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Outdoor activities in Serbia

Serbia has numerous mountains across the country dedicated to hiking and skiing.
Serbia has significant mountain ranges across the country. The mountain of Jastrebac is one of the most wooded, and its high plateau shelters an artificial lake that gives way to rich biodiversity. One of the most unmissable mountains is Tara, with its Sargan Natural Park and the canyon of the Drina River. In Rajac, there is a monastery at the foot of the mountain and many caves and pits. Brezovica, known for its green landscapes and sunny climate, offers the opportunity to go skiing in winter. It is a great place to hike or collect medicinal herbs. The high plateau of Pešter is famous for the extent of its pastures and the variety of animals present, such as sheep, horses, and the short-eared owl. Bathers, hikers, and anglers share the Sjenica lake that appears on the Pešter plateau. Many trails are open to hikers and cyclists on Zlatar Mountain. It is one of the essential massifs and one of the best equipped for outdoor recreation.
Outdoor activities in Serbia
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