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The first exploration is at Rock Island. This tour is designed to experience the unspoiled beauty of Palau by sailing to epic beaches. It is here that some can dive into Jellyfish Lake without running the risk of getting poisoned. Here, the Milky Way lagoon is another activity to be noticed. In its turquoise water


Things to do and see - Palau

Embark on a snorkeling expedition to swim alongside jellyfish
Jellyfish Lake
Have a must-do experience by taking a boat tour through the islands
Rock Islands
Visit Micronesia's oldest museum to delve into Palauan culture and history
Belau National Museum
Enjoy snorkeling and relaxation on a remote and pristine island
Kayangel Island
Discover the pristine beauty of the island and enjoy diving and snorkeling
Malakal Island
Dive into crystal-clear waters to swim with manta rays
German Channel
Visit an archaeological site to uncover the cultural heritage of the region
Badrulchau Stone Monoliths
Trek through jungle trails to reach a scenic waterfall
Ngardmau Waterfalls
Experience some of Palau's most famous dive sites
Peleliu Island
View Palauan and Micronesian artifacts, displays, and photography
Etpison Museum

Festivals - Palau

FAQ - Palau

Why is the Milky Way known as the natural spa of Palau?
Is it true that Palau created the first shark sanctuary in the world?

- Palau

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