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Pamir Mountains

For a nature lover’s heart, Pamir is a true heaven on earth. Its staggering landscapes made up of snow-capped peaks, glittering glaciers, crystal clear lakes and lush green steppes provide a host of outdoor activities. It’s an ideal destination for hiking, trekking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and watching wild animals in their preserved natural


Things to do and see - Pamir Mountains

Experience local culture and hospitality at the highest town in Tajikistan
Visit an important eco-tourism destination and admire its diverse landscapes
Tajik National Park
Relax by a high-altitude lake and enjoy the natural beauty of the area
Karakul Lake
Take in stunning landscapes, and explore traditional Pamiri villages
Bartang Valley
Interact with locals in a small town with a vibrant market
Embark on a road trip through remote, spectacular landscapes
Pamir Highway
Undertake a hiking trip to climb one of the highest peaks in the region
Peak Lenin
Visit a village that serves as a popular starting point for treks and expeditions
Sary Moghul
Have dramatic vistas and cultural immersion in a narrow strip of land
Wakhan Corridor
Go camping and trekking in a picturesque lake setting
Yashilkul Lake

Festivals - Pamir Mountains

FAQ - Pamir Mountains

What is the significance of the Navruz festival?
What peoples have traditionally inhabited the Pamir region?
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