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Park Güell

The Park Güell is undoubtedly one of The most beautiful jewels of Barcelona, and one of the most important architectural feats of the 20th century. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was built between 1900 and 1914 and restored between 1984 and 1993. As a perfect blend of original curves, natural elements, Catalan and Christian symbols, the park is a masterpiece worthy of the renown of its famous architect, Antoni Gaudí. Take the time to walk between the fountains, caves and small paths that crisscross it. Don't miss one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona, the "Place of Nature", embellished with the longest corrugated bench in the world.
Park Güell

FAQs for Park Güell

  • What is the history of Gaudí's house-museum within the Park of Güell?
    This house was built by one of Gaudí's collaborators, Francesc Berenguer, and the artist lived there until 1925. It is open to the public and includes many of Gaudí's works.

  • What is the surface of the Park Güell?
    The park occupies 12 hectares of land and can thus be considered as a real lung of the city.