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Pena Palace

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pena Palace is a veritable summary of Portuguese history and will take you back in time and discover the riches of successive civilizations.
The Pena Palace in Portugal is a real cocktail between styles and eras. Built on the ruins of an ancient Hieronymite monastery, it combines Moorish, Baroque, Gothic, Manueline, and even Renaissance architecture. As a true artistic palimpsest wanted by King Ferdinand II, the palace dates back to the 19th century. It perfectly illustrates the Romantic aesthetic criteria: the resurgence of the past, especially medieval, the fascination for the East, etc. From the top of one of the Sintra Mountains, you can also enjoy the 200 hectares of greenness that surround the property and guarantee calm and freshness. Don't miss the Triton of the inner courtyard, or the stunning views of the Atlantic and the Tagus, offered by the various balconies of the Palace.
Pena Palace
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FAQs for Pena Palace

  • When was the Pena Palace built?
    It was built between 1842 and 1854. After the death of Ferdinand II, it became state property and was opened to the public.

  • Is it possible to visit the park?
    It is indeed possible to visit the park, which contains more than two thousand species of plants, some pavilions, fountains and watchtowers.

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