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Perth is a coastal city that brings together culture lovers and fans of the outdoors.
As the capital of Western Australia, Perth offers numerous activities and memories. To experience the underwater depths, Mettams Pool offers a good diving setting, while Leighton Beach is ideal for surfing enthusiasts. And to live adventures in the heart of aquatic life, swimming with dolphins is possible, accompanied by professionals. The city also knows how to highlight its history and culture, primarily through the great Kings Park, by following a Noongar guide who brings their knowledge of traditional plants and first people history. Dotted with Street Art, Perth is also home to several museums. The WA Museum Boola Bardip and the Western Australia Maritime Museum aim to tell you about the region history, while the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts are ideal for discovering visual arts collections.
  • How to discover unusually the port identity of Perth and its surroundings?
    Fremantle Harbour exhibits sunken ships remnants, including Batavia reconstructed remains.

  • What extreme sport can be practiced near Perth?
    It is possible to visit Rottness Island, accessible by ferry from Perth, where you can jump by parachute to observe the coast from the air.

  • Which iconic star grew up in the city of Fremantle?
    Bon Scott, the singer of ACDC. A statue of him has been established in Fremantle, and his ashes rest in the city cemetery.

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