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Peru is a country in South America, known for being the cradle of the Inca civilization. It has an incredible natural and cultural diversity. You will find many impressive archaeological sites, such as the must-see Machu-Picchu, one of the seven new wonders of the world, with its sacred valley of the Incas. Other civilizations have left remains in Peru, such as those of the Carals, Chimus or Chachapoyas, which you can discover in the mystical places of Caral, Chan Chan, and Kuelap. The newest cities are just as vibrant, such as Cuzco, perched high, which impresses with its classic Spanish architecture. Lima, the capital, is a young and dynamic city with former colonial buildings. To immerse yourself in traditional culture, the markets are perfect for admiring the many handicrafts, as in Pisac, a colourful market known for its brightly patterned fabrics. Peruvian cuisine is very well known for its great diversity, which combines Amerindian, Spanish and Asian influences. In the Andes, many exceptional natural sites such as the Vini Cunca mountain "in 7 colors", the Canyon del Colca at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, or the Maras salt flats, exploited by the Incas in the hollow of the mountain. The Andes Mountains offer many hiking spots and ski areas. There is Huascaran National Park where the peaks mingle with lagoons and canyons. Those who prefer the beaches can head to the coast, for example in Punta Sal.

FAQs for Peru

  • What are the typical Peruvian drinks?
    In Peru, we drink chicha morada, a soft drink with a sweet taste, made from purple corn water and Inca Kola.

  • What are the most well-known typical animals in Peru?
    The most well-known typical animals in Peru are the llama, alpaca and condor.

  • How many festivals are there each year in Peru?
    There are nearly 3,000 festivals each year in Peru, or about ten festive events a day.

  • Why is Peruvian gastronomy so famous?
    Peruvian gastronomy is very famous because it is very diverse. It would be the one with the most dishes in the world.

Things to do and see in Peru

  • Lima
    Lima, a colorful city thanks to the facades of its houses, its beautiful gardens and the life that animates it.

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