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Peru is an ancient Native American land with splendid natural landscapes.
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FAQs for Peru

  • What are the typical Peruvian drinks?
    In Peru, we drink chicha morada, a soft drink with a sweet taste, made from purple corn water and Inca Kola.

  • What are the most well-known typical animals in Peru?
    The most well-known typical animals in Peru are the llama, alpaca and condor.

  • How many festivals are there each year in Peru?
    There are nearly 3,000 festivals each year in Peru, or about ten festive events a day.

  • Why is Peruvian gastronomy so famous?
    Peruvian gastronomy is very famous because it is very diverse. It would be the one with the most dishes in the world.

Things to do and see in Peru

  • Lima

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