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The ruins of Petra are located in Jordan, in the Middle East. It is an impressive ancient city whose architecture is entirely carved into the rock. The date of the city's emergence remains unknown, but it became the capital of the Nabate Empire around the 1st century BC. The archaeological site was discovered in 1812


Things to do and see - Petra

Marvel at the iconic facade of Petra's most famous temple
The Treasury
Walk through a narrow and awe-inspiring natural canyon
Marvel at impressive burial sites carved into the cliffs
Hike up to an impressive and monumental rock-cut structure
The Monastery
Discover the ruins of a grand religious complex in the heart of Petra
Great Temple
Climb to a sacrificial altar with spectacular views of the ancient city
High Place of Sacrifice
See a burial complex carved into rocks around 2,000 years ago
Obelisk Tomb & Bab as-Siq Triclinium
Witness a prime example of monumental Byzantine architecture
Byzantine Church - Petra
Learn more about the history and archaeology of Petra
Petra Museum
Witness the testament to the ancient Nabatean craftsmanship
Urn Tomb

FAQ - Petra

What is the origin of the name Petra?
What famous film was made in Petra?
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