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Places that inspired artists

Since the dawn of time, the environment has been the primary source of inspiration for artists who transposed them on canvas. Their interpretation of some of these places has been very famous over the centuries, and even a few hold essential status on the world art scene.
One of these most popular places is Normandy on French territory. Claude Monet's work of Water Lilies was made in his house in Giverny. The artist was indeed inspired by the Japanese garden that he designed himself. This house and its gardens are currently perfectly preserved and can be visited. Still, in France, the next destination to discover a symbolic place where Vincent van Gogh drew his inspiration to create the painting Terrace of the café in the evening is in the provinces and, more precisely, in Arles. This work highlights the bistro when illuminated under a starry sky, and its atmosphere inspires peace. Today, this place allows tourists to sit on the same terrace and observe the place where Van Gogh positioned his easel to paint. Then, the next source of inspiration for a renowned artist, Auguste Renoir, is in Chatou in the suburbs of Paris. This painter implemented the painting Le Déjeuner des canotiers at the Maison Fournais restaurant. This artist was also inspired by the Moulin de la Galette de Montmartre picnic area in Paris to create a painting that exudes movement and life. To this is added a remarkable destination that inspired Paul Gauguin: Tahiti. After deciding to live in French Polynesia, Gauguin fell in love with the surroundings. The artist chooses to represent nature and Tahitian women doing their daily tasks, among others. After that, Italy was put forward by the painter Giovanni Paolo Pannini. He drew inspiration from Rome, especially the famous Roman amphitheater and its surroundings. Thus, the View of the Colosseum today represents one of the emblems of the Italian capital with a truer-than-life interpretation. Venice is also a city that has aroused the enthusiasm of many artists, starting with Claude Monet. Here, the painter chose to immortalize the city on the water with a painting called the Grand Canal. On the English side, John Constable enjoyed creating his work, the Hay Cart. This painting depicts a farmer and his horses pulling a hay cart with a mansion. This mansion still exists today, and you must go to Suffolk County to admire it. Then, on Ekeberg Hill in Oslo, the famous Edvard Munch composed his work of art, The Scream. Of course, this place is accessible to curious travelers. Spain is also fantastic for its rich heritage. In this place, Salvador Dali found refuge in Port Lligat to realize the famous painting The Madonna of Port Lligat. Nowadays, the discovery of this region is made through an excursion on the Costa Brava from Barcelona. On the German side, the island of Rügen was Caspar David Friedrich's favorite place all the time it took him to implement the Chalk Cliffs. For the next destination, the path is a little longer. This one is in Iowa, where Grand Wood designed the American Gothic. The house depicted in the background of the painting is in Eldon, and it is possible to visit it. Then Georgia O'Keeffe found herself entirely fascinated by the desert landscapes of New Mexico. Today, her frescoes depicting spectacular landscapes of rocks, cliffs, and deserts give a new dimension to American art. Finally, on the Asian continent, Mount Fuji in Japan was a great source of inspiration for Katsushika Hokusai, who was able to create the famous ukiyo-e woodcuts. Nowadays, his creations are qualified as a revolution in the art sphere.
Places that inspired artists

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