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Places that inspired artists

One of these most popular places is Normandy on French territory. Claude Monet's work of Water Lilies was made in his house in Giverny. The artist was indeed inspired by the Japanese garden that he designed himself. This house and its gardens are currently perfectly preserved and can be visited. Still, in France, the next

Places that inspired artists

Things to do and see - Places that inspired artists

Experience landscapes that inspired the painter Vincent van Gogh
Provence, France
Visit Monet's garden, subject of many of his masterpieces
Giverny, France
Admire Venice's canals, that inspired J.M.W. Turner's paintings
Venice, Italy
See the mountain that inspired many of Paul Cézanne's paintings
Montagne Sainte-Victoire, France
Visit the island that influenced Paul Gauguin
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Marvel at the mountain shown in Hokusai's famous woodblock prints
Mount Fuji, Japan
Explore the place that magnetically drew Georgia O'Keeffe
New Mexico, USA
Wander an ancient town featured in El Greco's paintings
Toledo, Spain
Relax in a coastal village where Salvador Dalí created art
Port Lligat, Spain
Stroll the streets of Delft, a town portrayed by Johannes Vermeer
Delft, The Netherlands
Roam the city that Edward Hopper depicted in his paintings
New York City, USA
Discover the streets that Gustave Caillebotte depicted in his work
Paris, France
View the coast that inspired Winslow Homer's coastal landscapes
Prouts Neck, Maine, USA
Experience the landscapes that inspired Caspar David Friedrich
Baltic Sea, Germany

FAQ - Places that inspired artists

Why do artists draw inspiration from the environment for their paintings?
Is it possible to visit all the places that inspired the artists?

- Places that inspired artists

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