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Places where you can enjoy good chocolate

Whether pure, milk, black, white, sugar-free, with orange, or with nuts, chocolate does not fail to delight the taste buds of great chocolate lovers. It is even said that there is nothing better than a bar of good chocolate to improve mood; of course, this is universal.
Chocolate lovers can tour Belgium to taste the know-how of the country's greatest master of chocolate makers. Unless you have plenty of time to visit all the chocolate factories in the country, you will find happiness in a unique place in the world, namely the Wittamer chocolate factory. This shop has existed for nearly a hundred years and offers a variety of exquisite chocolates, and it will also be an opportunity to linger on macaroons. Afterward, you could also be tempted by the factories Leonidas and Neuhaus. It is impossible not to think of Switzerland to taste delicious chocolates. The Laderach shop will welcome you to have an excellent overview of their creations. To do this, you must go to the rue de la Tour-de-i'lle niche in the heart of Geneva. A hundred local specialties will amaze your taste buds in this incredible place. To continue this tour, from the best places to taste good chocolate, you must go through Paris. France brings together many of the best master chocolate makers in the world. You will have something to twist your palate between the most expensive, the most spectacular, or the tastiest. Among the best Parisian establishments that welcome you for a chocolate tasting, you must go to Alain Ducasse's Manufacture, the Maison du Chocolat, and the Hugo & Victor boutique. One thing is sure: cocoa is well-highlighted in these places. If your chocolate craving has yet to be completely satisfied, you will pass through Rome and, more particularly, the magical establishment of Said. It is one of the leading players in the world of chocolate making in Italy. You will then cross the alley from Via Tiburtina to find a place in the shop and enjoy tasting chocolate in all its forms. A restaurant is also available if you are tempted to taste authentic dishes made from cocoa. A little further, Vienna will arouse your curiosity in the Schokov shop, where 200 varieties of organic chocolate are waiting to be tasted. Some original flavors, such as lavender and olive oil, will keep you in suspense during the tasting. However, suppose you want to experience a great evening tasting chocolate. In that case, you should participate in one of their cocoa discovery evenings, where the experience involves a choice of wine in perfect harmony with the chocolates tasted. Take a trip to Barcelona to live the dream of the owner of the Bubo chocolate factory. In this place, you will have the impression of finding yourself in a real jewelry store so much that the confections are surprising. The tradition blends perfectly with the advanced innovations of the master chocolate maker in terms of creation. Without putting any pressure on you, Bubo is an unmissable stop in Barcelona for chocolate lovers. The best chocolates also have their place in Asia. It is mainly the case of the Conspiracy Chocolate shop in Hong Kong. One should expect to be surprised by the flavors because the master chocolate maker is qualified as an avant-garde who ventures into daring blends such as Sichuan pepper, yuzu, or CBD with chocolate. Another interesting point to note is that the creations come from the beans of a Vietnamese farm. On the American continent, you will make a short stop in New York to taste the artisanal chocolates of Kee's. If you want to visit other highly known establishments there, Vosges, Jack Torres, and the Maison du Chocolat are happy to await you. That said, know that at Kee's, you will experience a full-fledged service where you can attend to the making of different products. If your feet take you to San Francisco, you'll stop at the Ghirardelli factory. Its particularity is that you will find everything you need to make your chocolate desserts at home.
Places where you can enjoy good chocolate
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