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Stare Miasto is the city's historic center, and it is set around the Stary Rynek Market Square. There, you will take the time to stroll through the streets to admire the colorful houses and architecture of the beautiful baroque church of Saint Stanislas. You can also stop for a gourmet break with the city's specialty,


Things to do and see - Poznań

Witness one of the most beautiful squares in Poland
Old Market Square
See a cathedral dating back to the 10th century
Poznań Cathedral
Learn about the history and art of making traditional croissants
Croissant Museum
Go to a beautiful Renaissance-style castle with a museum
Royal Castle
See mechanical goats butt heads every day at 12:00
Poznań Goats
Spend time by a scenic, popular spot for relaxation
Lake Malta
Enjoy a tropical oasis with exotic plants and vibrant flowers
Poznań Palm House
Step inside a majestic neo-Romanesque castle
Imperial Castle
Take a stroll in a vast green area with historic fortifications
Citadel Park
Take a hike or bike ride through the park's scenic trails
Wielkopolski National Park
Have a day trip at one of Poland's oldest cities
Step on a small island to see a castle with impressive library
Kórnik Castle
Spend a day in a charming town and visit the Arboretum
See a reconstructed ancient Iron Age settlement on stilts
Biskupin Archaeological Museum

FAQ - Poznań

Is it true that Poznan has an island in the center of the city?
Why is Poznan known as the musical capital of Poland?

- Poznań

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