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A stroll through the alleys of Prague, in Czech named Praha, is enough to feel the cultural and historical aura that emanates from it. The Czech Republic capital is bordered by the Vltava River and is divided into six tourist areas: Staré Mesto, Mala Strana, Hradcany, Josefov, Nové Mesto, Vysehrad. The most famous, Staré Mesto (the Old Town), is an architectural gem. With its mostly baroque influence, the district has several landmarks not to be missed. Old Town Square is home to the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and the old Town Hall. On the south wall is the sublime astronomical clock, which offers a real spectacle every hour with the apostles parade. Before discovering the authentic Mala Strana district, you will have to cross the Charles Bridge on foot. Once on the other side, the walk continues towards the John Lennon Wall, an explosion of color to symbolize peace and freedom. Then, it is imperative to get to Prague Castle, either by climbing up the hill or taking the tram. Changing the guard takes place every hour, but at noon it is accompanied by a brass band. The Josefov district, a former Jewish ghetto, stands out through its architecture and synagogues. Nové Mesto, known as the New-Town, is renowned for its dynamic side with the construction of modern buildings, such as the Dancing House, which in the 1990s was a symbol of freedom.
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FAQs for Prague

  • Do you know the Beer Spas in Prague?
    It is possible to take baths... of beer! Beer has virtues on the body, especially the skin, hair, and blood circulation. These places are privatized with a spa but also a heated straw bed. Typical and unusual activity in Prague!

  • What does the Prague Dance House represent?
    This building with contemporary architecture is divided into two parts. The right tower is made of glass and reproduces a twirling movement of a dancer in a dress. The one on the left depicts a man with a hat. The two sets represent a dancing couple. The architects Vlado Miluni and Frank O. Gehry wanted to materialize freedom following the fall of communism. Its original name is Fred and Ginger, to pay tribute to the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

  • What are the elements depicted on the Astronomical Clock?
    Originally created by Nicolas de Kadau, it will then be redesigned by Hanus. It is composed of three elements: the astronomical dial, the dial with medallion and a mechanism that allows the parade of the 12 apostles. Around them are four characters: the Vaniteux, the Avare, the Death and the Turk.

  • What is the legend of the astronomical clock?
    A legend states that the city councillors would have punctured Hanus' eyes when he had finished the clock so that he would not repeat it in another city. So he would have decided to ruin part of the mechanism. As a result, legend tells us that every person who tried to fix the clock was insanity or died suddenly.

Things to do and see in Prague

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