My Tours Company promotes a wide range of destinations all over the world for you to escape. Numerous touristic offers are available to make you live your most beautiful experiences. Our goal? Help travelers prepare their trips based on their interests. Most of the information on our platforms is available for free. Afterward, if you are interested in something, you can buy tickets on the website, including city passes, tour guides, and entrance fees for monuments and museums. Please note that it is highly recommended to acquire tickets in advance to avoid lines in museums. It also helps tour guides to anticipate specific needs. We do our best to ensure that the places and activities we proposed meet qualitative and ethical criteria. Our team is passionate about travel and adventure and made it its mission to offer a wide range of cultural and recreational offers that could suit as many people as possible. My Tours Company promotes destinations, attractions, and tour guides using text, audio, photo, and sometimes video. My Tours Company also presents small anecdotes about the places to visit and information about upcoming events, such as festivals, concerts, and exhibitions. Enjoy and share with us the passion of heritage. Several museums and tour guides await lovers of culture! Diverse outdoor activities are available for sports enthusiasts! All this is possible thanks to the many partnerships set up with tourism professionals. Like us, they seek to make culture accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. Particular attention has been taken in establishing these partnerships, which ensures sharing common values. Passion and professionalism are the keywords that guide us. The advantage? Through our corporate social responsibility, we support projects in favor of the environment, biodiversity, and children’s education. Ecotourism and local tourism are part of our values, and we want to put them forward as much as possible. You can find us on our different platforms to stay informed and to discover lots of news.