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Qasr Al Watan

The United Arab Emirates is home to the lavish presidential palace Qasr Al Watan. Made of white granite and limestone, the "Palace of the Nation" welcomes visitors on guided tours. Its majestic architecture colored in yellow, blue and white is the promise of a wonderful visit. Enter the Great Hall, one of the tallest in the world with its 36-meter dome. It is adorned with four art installations, cubes and mirrors with various designs, created by the Emirati Mattar bin Lahej. You will have the opportunity to experience the Circular Hall of the Spirit of Collaboration, hosting the most important official meetings of the Federal Supreme Council of the Emirates. Marvel at the centerpiece of the room, a 350,000 crystal chandelier, lit on special occasions. Let yourself be charmed by the lush gardens and the beauty of Arabian architecture. For culture enthusiasts, there is the Maison du Savoir offering more than 50,000 books on the country's history, art and literature, as well as exhibitions that celebrate Arab heritage. End your tour with the Banquet Hall decorated with hand-engraved tableware.
Qasr Al Watan

FAQs for Qasr Al Watan

  • Why is the palace Qasr al Watan only composed of yellow, blue, and white colors?
    Qasr al Watan Palace is made up of the three colors, yellow, blue and white, because they each have a specific meaning. Indeed, yellow represents the Arabian sands, blue evokes the waters of the Persian Gulf and white embodies purity and peace.

  • Why is the collaboration room circular in the palace Qasr al Watan?
    The collaboration room of the palace Qasr al Watan is circular because according to the UAE, no leader is superior to another, and therefore everyone sees everyone in the same way.