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Queen Sofia National Museum Art Centre

Located in the former General Hospital, the Reina Sofia is a well-known museum in the world of modern and contemporary arts. Every year, the museum attracts millions of visitors to the point of becoming one of Madrid's main attractions. This notoriety is mainly due to its large permanent collection of works of art dating from the 19th century to the contemporary era. The entire second floor is dedicated to the exhibition of permanent collections of artists such as Nonell Anglada Camarasa, Iturrino, Zuloaga, Solana and Maria Blanchard. The works of art of other Spanish painters of the 20th century such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro are also on display at the museum. The palaces of Velazquez and Cristal, located within the museum, house the temporary exhibitions. Finally, the artistic creations of emerging artists are presented in a dedicated area called "Espacio Uno".
Queen Sofia National Museum Art Centre

FAQs for Queen Sofia National Museum Art Centre

  • Who was entrusted with the construction of the Reina Sofia Museum?
    The construction of the famous Museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofia, which was built around the former hospital of San Carlos, was respectively entrusted to the architects José de Hermosilla and Francesco Sabatini.

  • Who is Queen Sofia?
    Sofía of Greece was the queen of Spain and the wife of King Juan Carlos I. The Reina Sofia Museum bears her name in her memory.